You Have No Right To The Rain Falling On Your Home

Strange But True — Israeli Demonic Law Imposed On Palestinians

2 min readNov 27, 2023
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Unbelievable! Shocking! Impossible! It simply cannot be! I refused to believe it.

Fuming, confused, bewildered I Googled for the Truth! Here is what I found:

“A post on Reddit claimed that according to a 2011 United Nations (U.N.) report, “[A] Palestinian living in the West bank doesn’t have the right to collect rainwater or build a well on HIS LAND because rain water is an ‘Israeli property’.”

An X post claimed, “Rainwater is the property of ‘Israel’.

Palestinians are forbidden from gathering rainwater.

Source: a UN report: ‘according to Israeli military orders in effect in the area, rain is the property of the Israeli authorities and thus Palestinians are forbidden from gathering rain water for domestic or agricultural needs.’


‘As well as prohibiting nearly all construction of wells necessary for Palestinians to secure additional quantities of water to support population growth and socio-economic development, such policies have denied communities access to water and sanitation facilities, including water, toilets, sewage networks and cisterns for rainwater harvesting.’ (Source:

How low can human beings fall? Is this Israeli act“Human”?

According to Amnesty International, these laws date back to 1967, when Israel took control of all water sources in the West Bank.

“Laws and military orders in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) have restricted Palestinians from not only being able to collect water from natural sources including rain but from extracting water from any new source.”

“Per Military Order 158, the development of any new water infrastructure by Palestinians also requires permits from the Israeli army — which Amnesty International noted are “impossible to get” in most cases.”

“Palestinians are unable to drill new water wells, install pumps, or alter existing wells. They are also denied access to the Jordan River and freshwater springs, resulting in more than 180,000–200,000 Palestinians in rural communities in the West Bank having no access to running water.”

“According to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, or OCHA, even areas connected to the water network and natural resources have no access to running water. Reports have indicated that Israeli settlers living alongside Palestinians in the West Bank, in some cases only a hundred meters away, face no such restrictions and water shortages. Some even indulge in water recreational activities involving pools. Source: The”

The Patience of the Palestinian is unfathomable and unparalleled!




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