Why My Romance With Australia Grows Stronger Each Day

Some first-hand information to share

Tasneem H Yousuff
8 min readFeb 4, 2022


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A good friend who had just returned back home to Australia after an overseas holiday called to announce her return. As would be expected I asked her if she enjoyed her holiday, but her response resonates with every Australian.

She responded, “The moment you touch down on this soil, you want to kiss it!” These few words convey everything…

Aussies love travelling, perhaps this helps us understand how grateful we are to be living in this wonderful country. Like many other of my fellow Aussies I have had the good fortune to travel extensively covering most continents. But home is where my father sent me — Australia.

Every Australian who has made Australia their home is proud of the highly sought after citizenship that they hold. There are many reasons for it. Having lived in Australia for about three and half decades, worked for the federal government, educated in an Australian University of repute and experienced life here, perhaps I can provide some authentic information about life here.

Australia is often spoken of as the “Lucky Country Down Under” and as the “land of milk and honey”!

With a small population, low pollution and a clean environment and the most breathtaking landscapes, flora and fauna, no wonder it attracts many to make Australia their home.

Image by author: Melbourne Southbank

Short History:

Australia has evolved — from the protectionist country when people aspiring to immigrate were duped into rejection to enter because their “English” was poor, when in actuality the tests were conducted in Latin!

This was from the time Australia became a Federation in 1901 until 1973 when Australia maintained the “White Australia” Policy! No person of colour or of non-European origin could enter the Country to live unless their profession was in great demand! This was the Immigration Restriction Act of 1901.

During World War II, Prime Minister John Curtin, of the Australian Labor Party, reinforced the…



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