The “CIVILIZED” West And Israel’s Struggle To Eliminate Hamas

Is A Second Holocaust Unfolding Before Our Eyes?

14 min readNov 20, 2023

The number of Israeli deaths and hostages taken by Hamas on 7 October 2023 has been revised a few times with approximately 1200 deaths, mostly armed personnel and 220 hostages. Hamas has released 5 hostages. To date the retribution that Israel has exacted since 9 October 2023 is over tenfold — with more than 13,000 Palestinians killed from incessant Israeli bombing and an unknown number still under the rubble unable to be retrieved.

The brutal measures Israel has taken in exacting “The Pound of Flesh” from Hamas and the Palestinians is in parallel and very much reminiscent of that of the 1948 Holocaust of the Jews under Hitler.

Gaza, a small stretch of land of approximately 140 square miles adjoining Israeli occupied land on its western sides and the Mediterranean Sea to its east and a closed corridor to Egypt called the Rafah crossing — was all sealed up from all sides.

Thus Israel converted Gaza into a Concentration Camp with no food, no water, no electricity, no fuel, no medical aid or humanitarian aid to enter the area until 14 days later. On 21 October 2023 a small convoy of only 20 trucks containing food, medicine and some humanitarian aid was allowed to enter through the Egyptian Rafah Crossing after heavy scrutiny and prolonged negotiations. This sparse amount was allowed to feed over 2.3 million Palestinian refugees in place of the 300 trucks that entered Gaza each day to meet the needs of the population prior to the commencement of this war.

Even while this trickle of aid was allowed to enter the bombing continued targeting hospitals, schools, residential buildings, ambulances, churches, mosques leaving no area safe for civilians half of whom are children. Many aid workers, journalists, doctors, UN personnel and thousands of innocent civilians including over 5000 young children met a gruesome death from the bombing that also included use of White Phosphorus that burns and scalds the skin.

Fuel was completely cut off and remains so to this day rendering hospitals inoperable and shutting down. The Al-Ahli Hospital was bombed on 17 October killing 470 civilians and many hundreds still remain under the rubble.

Al-Shifa, the largest hospital, has been bombed and raided by Israeli soldiers with deaths of several patients and children rendering it inoperable. Israel is trying to find a “smoking gun” at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza, just as Bush, Blair and Howard bluffed the world of the “smoking gun” in Iraq. Premature newborns in incubators were removed due to lack of fuel and many have died thus far. The carnage, the cries, the horror, the terrorising is beyond description — Thanks to Biden & Sunak (the colonial leaders of USA & Britain — the latter of Indian heritage) who have been supporting Netanyahu the Israeli Prime Minister.

While the incessant bombing continued the starving and thirsty Gazans in the north were commanded to move to the South of Gaza. While most resisted the move unwilling to leave their homes for fear of further Israeli occupation, some took the perilous journey south amidst constant bombing carrying their few belongings.

According to a first hand report the refugees had to walk with their hands lifted up dropping all their belongings except for one piece. The distance of only 20 KMS would take them approximately 9 hours to reach crossing numerous check points on the way.

News report state that those who have moved south have been instructed to again make their way to the north. These displaced Gazans have no homes and many have been living under makeshift tents amidst the heavy rain with the start of the monsoons.

The brief description above is a classic imitation of the Holocaust of 1948 except the Jews who were the victims then are now replaced by the Zionist Jews being the perpetrators and the Palestinians who had absolutely no role to play in the 1948 massacre are the victims. The Palestinians have lost on all counts as their homes, lands, lives and all possessions have been completely forcibly and brutally usurped by the Israeli government since 1948.

For those who need a little refresher on this conflict, my article linked below will give a summary of how this current brutality started:

It has been over 40 days since this war between Israel & Hamas started and despite the death of over 13,000 Palestinians half of whom are children there does not seem to be a conclusion.

Will Israel achieve its goal of eradicating Hamas?

To explore this important question we need to analyse the differences between Hamas — the Palestinian Resistance movement and the goals of Zionist Israel.

  1. What is this indomitable spirit that has not broken the camel’s back?

Beliefs: The resistance that the indigenous Palestinians have put up for 75 years despite the tumult, oppression, occupation and confiscation with frequent skirmishes as well as heavy fighting numerous times calls for an investigation into their beliefs.

Most of all the heavy death toll, the restrictions in their movements, the rationing of basic needs such as food, water, etc would have driven many people to move out and seek safer and better lands. There have been few who have done so while most others have lived in Palestine despite all the odds.

So, what is it that makes Palestinians different? Well, shocking as it might seem — The Palestinians embrace DEATH! Death is sweet to them as they are re-united with their CREATOR! Their level of PATIENCE is unparalleled with any other familiar society under similar circumstances.

  1. A mother celebrates the martyrdom of her son who is killed by the Israeli army as she is of the firm belief that his sacrifice for Palestine is worth many deaths. Several other Palestinian mothers also do so.
  2. At the funeral of his son, a Palestinian father admonishes a crying relative saying, “should you not be celebrating, rather than crying? Should we not wish the same for us?”
  3. Human Shields and Bleeding to Death, but ‘Thank You Uncle, We Are Okay’ — A Note from Gaza

There is no safe space in Gaza. At least 10 members of the Najjar family were killed after Israel bombed a residential neighborhood in Khan Younis, southern Gaza.

The rest of the family are still under the rubble due to the lack of rescue and medical crews.

This is a message from one of the survivors:

“Assalamu alaikum (Peace be to you — an Islamic greeting), how are you, uncle? What’s your news? Please reassure us that you are good. How is the family? God willing, they are okay.”

“Uncle, I just spoke with my father and thanks to God, everything is okay.”

“He sends his regards. I told him that Uncle Abu Sami was trying to get hold of him. He is trying to reach you in any possible way, and he sends his salaams to you as well.”

“My father sends you his regards and he reassures you that everyone is okay, and they just want your prayers”.

“They are still under siege in the Shifa Hospital, with my injured mother.”

“Inshallah (God Willing), everything is going to be okay.”

“The rest of the family is divided in too many places. My youngest brother Abed and his family are being used as human shields by the Israeli soldiers. Inshallah, everything is going to be okay.”

“And my sister Somaya is sheltering at the UNDP building. Yesterday, they were hit by an Israeli shell.”

“All three sons of my aunt were killed. 60 others were wounded. They are all bleeding as the ambulance cannot reach them. They are still under siege.”

“All thanks to Allah. God willing, this hardship will be over.”

“Thank you, uncle. We wish safety for everyone.”

“May Allah bless the souls of the martyrs and heal the wounded.”

I just wanted to reassure you and convey my father’s regards.”

(The Palestine Chronicle)

This amazing patience & perseverance in the face of death, amongst every Palestinian man, woman and child sends shivers down the spine of any conscientious human being.

2. Israeli Rabbis: Don’t spare civilians or children:

The Israeli Belief on the other hand is that they are the “Chosen People” to whom God gave the land! According to the Torah as explained to them by some of their Rabbis, it is okay to kill civilians, even children.

The Palestinians have been referred to by Israeli leaders including the current prime minister of Israel Netanyahu as “Human Animals” and “Children of Darkness”.

According to a report in Al Jazeera in 2004:

A group of prominent Jewish rabbis have asked the Israeli army not to flinch from killing Palestinian civilians in the context of the ongoing military campaign against armed groups resisting the occupation.

In a letter to the then Israeli defence minister, Shaul Mofaz, the rabbis said killing enemy civilians is “normal” during the time of war and that the Israeli occupation army should never hesitate to kill non-Jewish civilians in order to save Jewish lives.

The rabbis quoted a Talmudic edict, or religious ruling, stating that “our lives come first”.

“The Israelites were commanded to entirely eliminate the tribes that inhabited the Land of Canaan in their conquest. The reason given was so that they would not assimilate their evil ways.” — (Source:

Strongly worded similar edicts have been issued by Israeli officials in the present war. According to “Haaretz” a leading Israeli Newspaper, Avi Dichter, Minister for Agriculture in the Israeli Government is said to have stated that their goal is a “New Nakba” (meaning — catastrophe — dispossession, displacement, Ethnic Cleansing). He said, “We are rolling out the Gaza Nakba 2024”. Many other Israeli Senators have openly called for the “wiping out” of Gaza.

The first Nakba was carried out by Israel in 1948 when the Jewish state was created with the support of the Western colonial powers, notably Britain, through the mass displacement and dispossession of hundreds of thousands of the indigenous Palestinians. Countless UN resolutions calling for the restitution & compensation of Palestinian rights and property have been spurned by Israel.

According to the Times of Israel report of 13 October 2023, a leaked Intelligence Ministry ‘concept paper’ proposes transferring Gazans to Egypt’s Sinai. The obvious conclusion of this would be to occupy what remains of Gaza and then focus on ethnically cleansing the West Bank where the operations have quietly started by the Israeli government who had been aiding and abetting the Israeli settlers in their torture of the Palestinian refugees. According to many credible reports gas has been struck on the shores of Gaza and this is a pretext to capture Gaza.

Thus the Israeli Zionists in contrast to the Palestinians are never ready to embrace death. On the contrary they believe that their lives are above everyone else and must be saved at all costs. So it is easier to fight from a distance using modern warfare of carpet bombing saving their own lives at the expense of all others. Life at all costs also means “Money” so the oil or gas on the shores of Gaza should be in the hands of the occupiers at the expense of “ethnic cleansing” of the Palestinians. Over 6000 bombs weighing over 4000 tonnes of explosives a week are dropped on Gaza in an area of 300 Square Kilometres!

1. The Ground Offensive:

Israel Commenced its bombing of Gaza on 9 October 2023 earmarking 130 targets. Israeli Defence Force (IDF) announced it had completely seized Gaza, cutting off its electricity, blocked all food, fuel, water and humanitarian aid entering the conclave.

The IDF further announced that it had mobilised 400,000 reservists, the largest call up in the history of Israel.

According to the U.S & Israeli officials, Hamas along with Islamic Jihad has 50,000 fighters in Gaza against the 400,000 Israeli soldiers and reservists. The ground offensive began on 27 October 2023 and still rages on.

According to the Bulgarian Military report of 13 November 2023, “Based on recent satellite images from northwest Gaza, it appears that the Israeli Army has sustained substantial losses, with 88 armored vehicles reportedly missing over five days. This accounts for approximately 23 percent of the 383 vehicles that could be seen in the area via satellite imagery.”

Since the commencement of the ground offensive according to the Al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas and unofficial reports 3000 Israeli soldiers killed, over 11,000 injured and over 140 armored vehicles destroyed as on 20 November 2023.

The above reports is an indication of the Israeli military’s poor capabilities when it comes to the ground offensive in contrast with Hamas that has less than 50,000 fighters against the 400,000 Israeli fighters.

2. World shift:

The 7 October 2023 attacks by Hamas on Israel came as a huge shock to the world at large and many Western allies showed extreme sympathy towards Israel.

Israel’s heavy retaliation was at first defended by most chorusing the line “Israel has a right to defend itself.” And Israel for its part continued its carpet bombing of Gaza with far greater ferocity including the use of white phosphorus, indiscriminately targeting not only residential buildings, mosques, churches, but also hospitals!

The bombing of the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza on 17 October 2023 killing over 400 patients — mostly children, civilians, doctors and other aid workers against all international law protocol came as a shocking revelation to most countries around the world.

Worldwide public support for the Palestinian cause increased to unprecedented levels with rallies & demonstrations in all major cities throughout the world with hundreds of thousands calling for a Ceasefire.

These rallies that have become a weekly regular feature in most countries are also becoming a cause of concern for the economic cost of deploying extra police and security, blocking of roads, businesses etc.

A UN General Assembly resolution was adopted on 26 October 2023 calling for an “immediate, durable and sustained humanitarian truce” between Israeli forces and Hamas militants in Gaza. It also demanded “continuous, sufficient and unhindered” provision of lifesaving supplies and services for civilians trapped inside the enclave.

121 countries voted in favour, 14 against and 44 abstentions notable amongst the countries that voted against was Israel and the United States.

The Latin American countries such as Bolivia, Columbia, Chile have been strongly vocal in their criticism of Israel and have recalled their ambassadors showing hostility towards the “apartheid state”.

South Africa has lost no time in expressing it’s disgust at Israeli aggression and apartheid and has not only recalled it’s ambassador from Israel and expelling the Israeli ambassador thus severing ties, but also has taken Israel to the International Court of Justice (ICC). Most other African countries have also lost no time in condemning Israeli atrocities.

Belize follows several regional neighbors, including Colombia, Chile, and Bolivia, that have severed diplomatic ties or recalled ambassadors from Israel. A number of countries across the Middle East and Africa, including Turkey, Bahrain, Jordan and Honduras have also recalled ambassadors in recent weeks. Norway has also indicated that it would soon be recognising Palestine and so does Belgium.

Even amongst the abstentions of the 26 October resolution, countries who initially supported “Israel’s right to defend itself” have shown a major shift in attitudes leaning towards sympathy for the plight of the Palestinians.

Notable amongst these countries are France, Australia, Belgium who have all called for a ceasefire and respect for international humanitarian law.

Thus, this world shift in opinion and support for the Palestinians who have been the victims of occupation, oppression, dispossession and loss of thousands of lives is leaving Israel not only increasingly isolated, but is being seen as a perpetrator of the same crimes that it was a victim of in the Nazi Holocaust.

3. The Revolt From Within:

Netanyahu has been a very unpopular prime Minister with a number of corruption charges. Israelis took to the streets in huge numbers in March 2023 protesting against his plans to overhaul the judiciary and the protest rallies went on for weeks bringing a shut down of many businesses and the international airport.

It is over 40 days since the hostages were captured by Hamas, but so far, the Israeli government has failed to secure their release by ceding to the demands of Hamas for an exchange of Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli jails.

In contrast the Israeli Government released 1027 Palestinian prisoners in 2011 for ONE soldier named Gilad Shalit who was captured by Hamas!

In 1983, 4675 Palestinians were released by Israel for 6 Israeli hostages and the list of these exchanges is long.

With the constant shelling and bombing of Gaza by Israel it is uncertain how many of these current hostages of 7 October 2023 are still alive.

This has no doubt caused great anxiety and distrust of the Israeli Government who has been so callous in its attempts to save these hostages. Does the Israeli government really care about its own citizens?

  1. A number of Ex-IDF soldiers are speaking out about the atrocities that they were made to commit while in compulsory military service. Every tale is a harrowing account of the brutal and barbaric actions they were made to commit upon innocent civilians. This group named “Breaking The Silence” are no more holding back and are doing their best to remedy past wrongs.
  2. How did Hamas break the Iron Dome and cause so much havoc upon Israel on 7 October 2023? This question remains unanswered to the consternation of the families of the hostages and the world at large.

Where is the evidence of the decapitated and headless bodies of children that Israel claimed Hamas had committed? When will the world know the truth about all these claims? Or is truth a casualty as it has been regularly recurring?

3. A number of Jewish organisations have taken to the streets calling for a stop to this unfair and disproportionate Israeli brutality. Notable amongst them is a group called “Jewish Voice For Peace” whose massive rally resulted in the shutting down of the main terminal of Grand Central Station in New York recently. There have also been a great many prominent Jewish journalists such as Gideon Levy of Haaretz a leading Israeli Newspaper, academicians such as Norman Finkelstein a Prominent Political Scientist whose parents survived the Nazi Holocaust, human right lawyers and other professionals who are often speaking out on the Israeli brutality, barbarism and calling for a ceasefire.


To date over 13,000 Palestinans and an unknown number of dead bodies lie in the rubble unable to be retrieved. Over 5000 of them are young children who were starved, tortured and bombed!

Seeing the heart wrenching footage of young children searching for their parents in bloodied body bags can never be forgotten. These scars will be deeply embedded in the hearts of these children and also those who have watched this footage online throughout the world.

Is it possible for Israel to ever live in security after the unjust, brutal carnage it has inflicted upon innocent civilians particularly children? This war that has superceded all other Israeli-Palestinian wars has taken place in the era of the internet with social media sites swarmed with footage of the carnage. After this, will Israel ever be secure? — I will leave this for the reader to decide.

Knowledge and education, wearing of suits and ties are a screen to the demonic barbarism that exists within. Civilisation does NOT exist in the west. Uncleanliness, the ignorance of cleansing the body through bathing that existed in the past, was taught by the East (read “The East And The West by Swami Vivekananda). The use of perfumes that masked the dirty odour of unbathed bodies can be likened to the lies and deception that masks the actions of Israel, U.S.A, Britain, Germany and their few allies.

How could the East teach the West of cleansing the hearts? This concept has not really penetrated in the hearts of those who fake to be civilised. Brutality, savagery, injustice, inhumanity and ignorance still is as rampant behind the screen of a civilised society of the West.




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