My Easy Peasy Dessert Recipe That Has Won All Hearts

A walk in the supermarket and the creation evolved

Tasneem H Yousuff


Photo: Author — the picture betrays the taste

Walking through the aisles in my local supermarket my eyes fell on the slabs of Madeira Cake. Once upon a time I had a sweet tooth and I probably still have, but I resist it. Sugar is not good. Cancer cells feed on it. I have to remind myself often and the cravings have slowly left me.

What more, my body rejects sugar. I go into a bout of incessant sneezing whenever I eat something sweet that contains sugar. A small tiny portion is okay, but a bit more shakes me up making me almost sick.

So what was I looking at this Madeira cake for? Well, I needed to make something for a special occasion without having to go to elaborate lengths. Something easy, no cooking, least ingredients and something delicious.

I picked the slab of Madeira cake. What will I dump on it? How about pineapple? Yes, the fresh taste of fruit is always refreshing. No, this won’t be a Trifle! I won’t be making a custard or buying it either.

Just two more ingredients — let’s pick up some thick cream and a tin of condensed milk. That will do the trick. I created the perfect dessert in my mind during my short walk in the aisles of my supermarket.

Back home, I cut up the slab of cake in slices to cover my rectangular casserole. Drained the pineapple leaving some syrup so I could blend it to a rough pulp. Combined it with the cream and condensed milk. Dumped it on the Madeira cake and sprinkled some crushed walnuts! Yes, that was it!

How will it turn out? I had no idea.

The next evening I served it to my guests. One spoon in the mouth — “what is this….” “How did you make it?” “It’s absolutely delicious” “I’ve never eaten anything so delicious” “Can I please have the recipe”?

You’ve got it, now! Enjoy and let me know in the comments. I look forward to hearing from you.



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