Jesus, I Do Not Want Your Return If I Can Save 8000+ Children’s Lives

Grateful To Those Who Have Liberated Themselves From The Shackles Of Their Blind BELIEFS

4 min readDec 14, 2023
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The calls for a ceasefire in the brutality of the Israeli bombings on the civilian population of Gaza are deafening. While the UN Security Council passed resolution after resolution calling for a Ceasefire, Israel’s closest ally the United States exercised it’s Veto Powers each time allowing Israel to carpet bomb Gaza using White Phosphorus that burns and scalds the skin breaking all international humanitarian laws.

Over 18,000 civilians have been killed with over 8000 children and over 45,000 have been wounded, most seriously. There are no hospitals left to treat those wounded as 26 out of 35 of the hospitals in Gaza have been bombed and turned to rubble. The remaining hospitals are running far beyond their capacity without basic supplies and are also housing thousands of the internally displaced Palestinians. Most of the injured are left to die a most painful death without any food, water and even the most basic necessities!

Those alive are sleeping in dirty water… praying for death – martyrdom is preferred to what is left of this life…when will it come?

Doctors, healthcare workers, UN Personnel, humanitarian aid workers have all died by the hundreds. Is there anything left? Ambulances, convoys of aid, schools, churches, mosques, UN shelters are all in rubble…

Jesus, would you arrive to see the carnage in this blood soaked land where thousands of bodies are rotting under the rubble of the destroyed buildings inflicted on the innocents by an illegal occupying power whose land it has stolen by force?

Jesus, are you aware that the Palestinians who died in prison before they completed their term were put in CRYO cells until they had served their term by the Israelis?

Did you know that the Palestinians are not allowed to collect even rainwater that falls on their homes in the concentration camps that they live?

Did you know that they are called “two legged beasts”, “human animals” and most of all “AMALEK” that should be utterly destroyed?

They say that you died for their sins. Why are they sinning again? Then, why, why do they believe that they should kill innocent children and civilians in order to welcome you? This is the belief of the evangelical Christians who strongly support Israeli Zionism!

The people amongst whom you were born as a Jew, call the Palestinians “Amalekites” who can be butchered at a whim, and your followers back this monstrous belief – Joe Biden the President of the United States arms the Israelites with arms and money to kill children and civilians with impunity. He does not want a ceasefire and uses the horrible power of veto granted to him amongst others to let this butchering continue.

Would you be happy with this? Would you come after this legacy to walk on the blood of children who had no clean water to drink, no food, no clothes, no medicine, no shelter, no beds, no way of escape, suffering with shrapnel wounds, most have no parents or siblings – no names, they are just a number!

How different was your death on the cross from the painful death of these children?

Would you walk on this land again where every grain of sand cries out for the thousands of lives that have suffered beyond belief?

Joe Biden is in his 80s, Netanyahu the butcher is in his 70s and so are most of his cronies – they have grown old but wisdom has never dawned on them!

I salute the people of wisdom, the people who listen to their inner voice, the people whose parents and grandparents were victims of the Holocaust, the sons of Generals who have served in the Israeli army, the IDF soldiers who regret their actions and are speaking out, the many Jewish professors who distinguish right from wrong, the many individuals in every sphere of life throughout the world who speak for justice.

May the many cruel individuals whose beliefs blind them from justice take a leaf from your lives, may they correct themselves before their life on this earth ends, may they ask God for His forgiveness.

Thankyou Norman Finkelstein, Miko Peled, Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges, Avi Shlaim, Roger Waters, Yuuva Benivolski, Louise Adler, the IDF soldiers who speak out on “Breaking The Silence”, the many Jewish voices on “Jewish Voice for Peace” and “Not in our name” and many, many others whose calls for justice are going unheeded.

Jesus, please do not come on that land where the blood of children and many many civilians flows, the land that has been stolen from the Palestinians through brutal occupation, the land where Palestinians have lived in concentration camps for seven decades amongst check points, who have had their homes demolished to make way for Israeli settlements, the land where Palestinians have been carpet bombed too many times, the land where food and water has been withheld, the land where individuals languish in prison and are raped and tortured, where even children go to prison for throwing stones, the land where dignity of individuals has been destroyed.

This is a graveyard of the innocents — the graveyard of those whose human rights have been trampled for over seven decades, the graveyard of those who have been robbed, murdered, tortured…

And when you arrive perhaps from the North Pole or the South Pole where the earth is cleaner & purer, be sure it will be the Palestinians who will be the very first to follow you. And those who often take your name in vain, those who turn away from the bloodshed of children, those who back the Israeli Zionist murderers to continue their slaughter and the silent hypocrites will be at the tail end to be cut off from following you and led into oblivion.




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