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An Open Letter To The Chosen People

3 min readFeb 18, 2024
Photo: Courtesy Haaretz

Gideon Levy Editor of Haaretz — a Leading Israeli Newspaper wrote, “Palestinian Teens Are Writing Wills, and for a Good Reason” 😥😥😢😭😭

Why, why??? You and I could have been in their place! Did you decide to be born in Israel you “Chosen People”? If you are the “Chosen People” did God not give you the sense not to steal, not to be unjust, not to kill, not to destroy, not to wipe out His creation? Did God make you so stupid that you cannot differentiate between RIGHT and WRONG?

Do you know there are many amongst you who are your brethren in faith, some who were born in Israel and yet they revolt against your BLOOD THIRSTY actions? Gideon Levy is one amongst many who use their minds, who are ethical, who revolt against your blind barbarism, who are not fools with blind blood thirsty beliefs. And yes, there are those whose parents were victims of the Holocaust such as Norman Finkelstein, and sons of Israeli Generals such as Miko Peled, and journalists such as Anthony Lowenstein, Academics such as Noam Chomsky and Avi Shlaim who THINK! Why can’t you ?

Gideon Levy writes, “As Abdel Rahman Hamad, a high-school senior, walked home from school, an Israeli soldier shot him in the stomach, killing him. After his death a letter he wrote half a year earlier to his family turned up. He’s one of many teens in the West Bank who are writing their wills.

Abdel Rahman Hamad wrote a last will and testament. A long text with detailed instructions, in his scrupulous handwriting. More and more Palestinian teenagers in the occupied West Bank are writing wills these days, and with even greater intensity in the wake of the events in the Gaza Strip. Hamad requested to be buried as quickly as possible, and asked his family to use a good shot of him as his profile photo in the social networks and to add a prayer verse next to it, and above all, not to mourn his death.”

And Palestinian children write their names on their hands and legs, so when they are blown up by the Satanic Zionist bombing their parents may recognise them and bury their body parts! What a legacy you satanic “chosen people” leave!

These are children whose parents and grandparents have borne 75 years of life in concentration camps which YOU CHOSEN PEOPLE have created! You have stolen their land and thrown them out of their homes, you have then destroyed their homes, you have imprisoned them for throwing stones at you their only weapons of revolt against your illegal occupation, you have carpet bombed them, you have starved them of food, water, medicine, fuel and every kind of humanitarian aid, you have blocked trucks carrying humanitarian aid preventing from reaching them!

How low can you go? You even keep dead Palestinian prisoners in Cryo cells if they have died before their term is finished! And you harvest their organs?

And you stop them from collecting rain water — because it is your exclusive property “chosen people”!

Are the CHOSEN PEOPLE capable of the lowest, meanest and most despicable crimes? All in the name of religion? You are earning the wrath of the world! You call it “ANTISEMITISM”! NO, Actions Speak Louder Than Words! The World despises you because of your actions! Your INJUSTICE! Your incessant LIES! Your CRUELTY! Your THEFT! Your Impunity! Your Disrespect for INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN LAW!

Your allies said, “Israel has a right to defend itself”! Do you? Do illegal occupiers have such a Right?

On 7 October, 2023 Hamas spoke for the Palestinians who have suffered for 75 years in concentration camps YOU created. And your revenge with the help of the mighty brutal satanic nations was to take the lives of over 30,000 civilians mostly women and children for the loss of 1200 of your own! What an unequal revenge! And yet, your THIRST FOR BLOOD IS NOT QUENCHED!

Yes, you have Big Satan on your side – in the form of USA, UK, Germany and few others! But, nothing will save you all from the WRATH OF GOD. You have suffered many times in the past, and yet again you have asked for more — you will get it, it’s a matter of time!




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