Gratitude — A Quality That Will Guarantee You Peace And Success

When you are grateful you have nothing to complain about

Tasneem H Yousuff
7 min readSep 9, 2022


Photo by Author: Mauna Kea, Hawai

Last night I ordered Pizza for dinner. I seldom order food from outside, but I am nursing a bad cold and have been enjoying the comfort of the bed fully covered up with my doona. I hoped hubby would make me a nice ginger tea and put some fish in the oven to go with the lentil rice that I had in the fridge. But, it wasn’t to be. He too is recovering from a cold. All he came up with was some throat lozenges which I politely declined.

So, reluctantly I placed an order for a vegetarian pizza from the local pizza shop. It came in a short while. The edges burnt, the base flat and tasteless and the toppings sparse. Was I disappointed? Of course, I was!

But, only for a few short minutes. I always enjoy the food I cook and rarely get take-away. My food is healthy and tasty and I would love to feed everyone with my preparations. But, today though the pizza was not to my liking, I am glad I ordered. How would I know the quality of the food is below par if I had not ordered it? I should be grateful for the many foods and ingredients that I have in my freezer and my pantry that I could easily whip up into a delicious meal in no time.

We learn from our disappointments. But allowing those disappointments to linger for long can have adverse effects. Learn from your mistakes and look at the positive lessons we pick up from them and be grateful for what you are endowed with.

Carole Olsen tagged me in her article below to write about 20 things I am grateful for.

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