A True Tale Of An Enduring Love

They were inseparable in Life and Death…

Tasneem H Yousuff


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I have been struggling to write this — my way of coping with my loss is only by diverting my thoughts. It is not my loss alone — it is the loss of everyone known to her — family, friends, aquaintances and her staff.

Crying is a way to lighten the heaviness of your heart. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to cry and my grief, thoughts and feelings are bottled up and I struggle to cope remembering her. Deep hurt can result in a torrent of tears, but not sadness and melancholy.

How long can I ignore those memories? Perhaps, writing about her will help heal…

She was a rock — an iconic rock that just could do anything… You ask, and it would be done! Be it a last minute train ticket in India, a flight booking, an appointment with the doctor, getting those clothes tailored in the shortest possible time, resolving those seemingly impossible issues, all with so much ease and in a cool and calm manner.

But rocks also break…For indeed there are rocks out of which rivers gush, and indeed there are rocks which split asunder so that water flows from them. And indeed there are rocks which fall down for the fear of God.

While she lived for others, she was devoted to her life partner, her husband of 39 years. They were inseparable.

Some marriages they say are made in heaven — be they arranged or a love marriage. My sister’s marriage was an arranged one by my father.

At the time of her marriage her husband, a chemical engineer by profession was working in Saudi Arabia. Despite all the odds she was determined to bring him home to India.

An entrepreneural woman, she started a small business — selling building materials in an arena dominated by men. With determination and grit she grew by leaps and bounds making more money than her overseas working husband.

As luck would have it the Iraq war broke out with Saddam attacking Kuwait that resulted in many employees quitting their jobs and returning home. My brother in law too returned home much to the happiness of my sister. He did not seek out another job instead joined her in her growing business.



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